images/stories/web_links.jpg This sections contains articles that have anything relating to electronics for model railways.

Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS)

Written by David Head. Posted in Electronics

Like most clubs, EMRC have their fair share of computer users. With the advent of Microsoft Train Simulator, we have another distraction ! At the moment two members own this package. I have started this page as a resource point for our members.

EMRC is not a technical group who can help with the program. We are 'just' users like you. This site is not intended to be a general resource for Microsoft Train Simulator - there are better sites for that.

Here are some good starting links to try :

Train Cam

Written by David Head. Posted in Electronics

Installing a Remote Camera into a Locomotive

Train cam - a tiny camera mounted in a model locomotive allowing a 'driver eye' view of a model railway.
To see a model railway from the track level is great for shows and clubs. Possibilities are endless with a Train Cam. One can set up a Train simulator that runs the train on the model railway. This could be goods news for layouts with limited space for operators.

Relay Point Motors

Written by David Head. Posted in Electronics

One way of motorising your points is to use old Telecom relays to throw the points. They have been widely used by many clubs and countless individuals. EMRC started using them in 1980, and thought we would share the information.


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