Ballast train to Hurstbridge, November 2010

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A ballast train in the Eltham area. Amazing what happens in the dead of night! Well done to Martin Bennet for getting up so early to bring this to us.

In the early hours of Monday 8/11/2010, a ballast train operated by Metro Trains Melbourne ran to Hurstbridge and return, discharging ballast between Eltham and Hurstbridge on the Down journey. T369-T377-T376 led a generator wagon and 15 CHOY ballast hoppers, with T373 attached to the rear.

T373 was uncoupled at Eltham and the other three locos proceeded to Hurstbridge, discharging ballast along the way. A ballast regulator followed the train, then returned to to the city, after which T373 ran light from Eltham (where it had been waiting in the platform) to Hurstbridge to join the rest of the train. T373 then led the whole consist with the three other locos on the rear, back to to the city.

The whole operation only just managed to fit in between the last and first suburban trains, with the Up departure being only around 15 minutes in front of the first spark.

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