Costerfield Plan 3

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Here is a plan that I have been meaning of trying.

Plan 3

Schematic diagram

It meets some of Mark’s goals, it has all his stations. It has the stations in their original order. The pier gets a lot more space. And there is an new loop and a mine branch.

The loco depot gets it’s own operating pit, very much like the caravan used to have. As a bonus this operator gets some industrial switching and the empties in/out sidings.

We have a form of “Partial Mushroom” in this plan that really uses the space, and caters for all. The pier is under Ninmanmina. The operator at Ninamanina has a closed in aspect, but that can be good as he has his station and no distractions. He can see the approaching train to him from each side. Aftyer all with train originating in the other room anyhow, bell code may be practical ! Mark could put in a raised floor or keep the floor one level.

The space for the pier does allow some decent rendering of a pier, water etc. It could be a busy feature keeping another operator busy.

Load in/empties out is handled as well with the mine one one side sending stock to the pier. The actual distances moved at the moment is not much, but it does make a busy area shunting and operationally. IF you wanted, the mine could head straight up tp greytown instead.

I’m back to return loop staging for this, well above Costerfield for the upper and under Greytown. There is a lot more running as well. The only big downside is there is lots of holes at one end of the room. There is not a lot of hidden trackage. Those track to one side of Greytown may be visable but not in modelled area.

If the staging does not fit below Greytowm,I would have that loop from Costerfeld actually go down into a three turn helix to staging UNDER Costerfield.

There was talk about the pier.It could leave in the inside of the mainline rather than the outside as it is now. The line would have to start much earlier in Costerfield to do this.

Plan 3, Revision 1

Here is a plan that I have been meaning of trying- with some modifications.

I have played with Costerfield, so the staging is under the station. The pier now depart the yard and has plenty of length to get under the mainline to the pier. It also stops the line being used for a headshunt.

The loads in/empties out leaves the pier, with an optional wye. The loads in/out now climbs steeply into Greytown. It eliminates the mine as a separate operational point(a plus as it would be easily handled by Greytown’s operator).

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