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Door Bolt Point Switcher

Written by David Head. Posted in Track Help


This page is about my trial with my version of the door bolt point actuator. This directly comes from Joe Fugate's DVD demo. 

The door bolt is used, but with my own spring mechanical (diagram to come) - consisting of a bit of "L" girder, a long arm, a spring, a micro-switch and screws. Both are joined by fishing line.

They came about because I needed a strong manual throw system, and these seem to do the trick. They take no space in the aisle. They are very rugged. when I first saw them (be honest) I was amused by the concept of door bolts at point motor actuators. But it kept on coming back to me as a neat solution. May I eat my words for breakfast, or eat a lot of humble pie !!

This is a test install. The final fascia is still to be laminated onto the other "fascia splines". As the point's normal direction made it opposite to a easy string straight to the fascia, I went all over to the rear baseboard member with the fishing wire. I also added a extra eye bolt to act as a slack adjuster. I did this as when I first tried it - I pulled the point blade right out (more throw than needed) - So I wanted some adjustment so when fully thrown it moved the required distance...

I found them very easy to install (Yes I re-watched Joe's first DVD to refresh myself) - in fact the easiest mechanical I have ever installed for a point motor. I had pre drilled some large then screw holes into the "L" base and made installation very painless.

The micro-switch is for power routing the live frog. You could use it for any interlocking of point, signals etc.
(Thanks to the Rail-page members for pointing that out)

I reused the latch part , as purchased as a hiding the hole- bought it, might as well use it. The test shots show the fishing line hanging out, as I said a test ! At the moment I drilled a hole into the fascia without a grommet will look into that wear aspect later.

Underneath detail showing the complete setup. Click on the image for a larger view.  Underside view of baseboard, Click to enlarge
















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