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Reversing Loops, one solution

Written by David Head. Posted in Track Help

Here is one solution to reverse loops. It uses the properties of a bridge rectifier to keep a train travelling in the same direction in the loop while you reverse your controller. This circuit is by no means unheard of. One drawback is the train will travel slower in the reversing loop.

It is NOT suitable for DCC or command control :


  1. The reverse loop requires gaps to stop shorts.
  2. Wire in the bridge rectifier ( or 4 diodes ) and the reversing reverser switch. 
  3. In operation the train goes into the loop in a set direction ( determined by the reversing reverser), and while the train is in that section you reverse your controller's direction switch. After setting the point you continue driving without stopping. 
  4. To reverse in the loop use the reversing reverse switch. 



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