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Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS)

Written by David Head. Posted in Electronics

Like most clubs, EMRC have their fair share of computer users. With the advent of Microsoft Train Simulator, we have another distraction ! At the moment two members own this package. I have started this page as a resource point for our members.

EMRC is not a technical group who can help with the program. We are 'just' users like you. This site is not intended to be a general resource for Microsoft Train Simulator - there are better sites for that.

Here are some good starting links to try :

If you haven't got MSTS, and would like it :

  • Ensure you have a Graphics card that CAN model 3D Objects. Check Geoff's page (link above) for a list of some graphics card that can run MSTS
  • Have over 1.8 GB of free Hard Disk space - it is HUGE ! This 1.8 GB is the size required, not what is free - as usual you should leave at least 10% of your Hard Disk free! For example you have a 4GB HDD - you would need 1.8GB + 400MB ( 10% of 4GB) free = 2.2GB.
  • You will need a lot more disk space on top of that if you wish to get more locos, routes etc.

If you have the computing resources and enjoy trains - I highly reccomend MSTS. Call it a game or a simulation - or both. It only costs $99, and you may get it for less. I have found it very good and playable, and it has stopped progress on model railway projects!


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