Idea 7, Refining The Detail

Categories: Exhibition Layout.

As many saw with my first paper construct of Idea 1 it is a large layout. Here is a rethink based on Idea 4.

Idea 7

This construct that places the coal siding on the inside of the layout. This would allow easier shunting for our member behind the layout. mI has the curve between the coal siding and the bridge in the right way, and that curve also hides the bridge scene from the coal siding.

In this orientation, the back scenes can be mainly country. The other way some townscape is required.

The triangle is handled with a non-scenic trough taking the train off the scene. It does mean the Bandiana branch also heads off the staging rather quickly.

The non-scenic trough may or may not have a lid. I would suggest a lid, even if it is clear perspex, for security reasons – this layout is big and it is really will be an area we will not watch a lot. At first I thought this may be a unsightly area, but I have since reconsidered.

This should not be as big as the paper plan many members have seen.

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