This section contains information about the layouts constructed and operated by EMRC in the past and present.

Articles are also here discussing the future form of a New Exhibition layout and a possible Club layout, although the latter will now have to incorporate the now started Shelf Layout.

Please note: The articles are the opinions of the individual authors and may not represent any official EMRC direction.

Shelf Layout

A new layout currently under construction in the work room. This layout is to test construction methods and to provide a layout build experience for members.

The track has now been laid and the power bus is being connected underneath. The two concrete bridges are complete along with the girder bridge. The control panel is complete and is connected and ready for use.

Help is most welcome! Refer to the job log to see what is being done next.

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Shelf Layout’s Short Fixed

Doug and Glenn started have doing Thursday mornings again working on the Shelf Layout in the EMRC clubrooms.

Shelf Layout Progress, DCC and Scenery

The shelf layout is progressing well. The electrical duplication of the rails underneath the layout is almost done.

Jobs Log, Past and Upcoming

This is a list of the jobs that are proposed to be done next time we meet. It also contains a log of the jobs that have been done in the past.

Shelf Layout Floor Plan

This article contains brief information about the floor plan for the Shelf Layout. The information has been extracted from the ShelfLayout-spec.doc. Schematic Diagram Floor Plan  

Shelf Layout Progress

The Shelf Layout is starting to take shape. The use of girders is proving most successful. The structures are light yet strong. Refer to the images below to see how it’s shaping up.

Shelf Layout-Jobs Progress table

Read about the progress being made on the Shelf Layout.


Articles about Murranbilla, the club’s former exhibition layout. 

This layout was sold to the Murray Railway Modellers in September 2010. The articles will be kept for reference purposes.

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Silverton Class 48 loco at Murranbilla, Nov-2009

Kyle’s Silverton loco complete with iron ore load operating on Murranbilla, at EMRC’s open day November 2009.

Sample Timetable for Murranbilla

Formal timetable nights were often held on the Pine Ridge layout at the old club rooms and this can be done on Murranbilla too.

N Class Goods on Murranbilla

Murranbilla is the work of the Eltham Model Railway Club, featuring a fictitious township based on Australian prototype with a strong leaning toward Victorian Railways.

Murranbilla Exhibition Guide

An exhibition guide to Murranbilla, an HO scale Victorian-based railway. Kept for reference purposes.

Poath Junction-Murranbilla

Filmed at Box Hill Exhibition 2004.

D Class crossing bridge on Murranbilla

D Class crossing bridge on Murranbilla, Corio 2003.

Pine Ridge

The main club layout which was in use for more than twenty years, located in Panton Hill. The layout was decommissioned in November 2005. Images

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Pine Ridge Removal and Decommisioning

The day Pine Ridge is dismantled and removed has arrived.

Pine Ridge Last Runs

After more than 25 years of operation the end of life for Pine Ridge has arrived. October 2005 was the last month of running and members made the most of it.

Running Night, 31st October 2005

EMRC’s last official running night at Pine Ridge. Tonight we were to have many guests – combined with our members there were 22 people present.

Running Night, 23rd October 2005

EMRC’s second last official running night at Pine Ridge.

Running Night at Pine Ridge, August 2005

A typical operating night with a few visitors….this night was the night we were told we had to vacate the property.

Travelling On Pine Ridge

It’s early morning, cool and clear with the promise of a fine warm day to come. We join a crowd waiting at Henty to board our train, the morning service to Pine Ridge.

Pine Ridge Construction Notes

The layout was built in the 9m x 4.2m packing shed at Panton Hill just north east of Melbourne. It is a terminus to terminus design in HO scale.

R Class run on Pine Ridge

R Class running around the now defunct Pine Ridge club layout.

Running Night, 2002

A running night with many visitors.

Member Layouts

Layouts built by Eltham Model Railway Club members.

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The Costerfield Line

For the last 16 years, Mark Laidlay used an old caravan as his railway room. This layout was impressive in the amount of trackage and operating potential.

Mark’s Costerfield Plan

Here is a plan that Mark has worked on. He originally did it on paper, then with Roger Lloyd’s help saw an Autocad drawing. Mark then learnt a way to do it (roughly) in Excel.

Costerfield Plan 3

Here is a plan that I have been meaning of trying.

Roger’s Costerfield Plans

Here are some plans that Roger Lloyd has worked on.

Costerfield Plan 2

Here is a plan that I’ve seen Roger Lloyd and Mark prepare.

Costerfield Plan 1

To start things off, here is a initial plan prepared by myself.