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Rosco's Railway

Written by Ross Tonkin. Posted in Member Layouts

Once again I have combined two months together. Although there has been progress I do not have much to show for it. I have completed the Booking Hall for the end of the main station. I have also made a low relief three story warehouse to go on the wall behind the elevated roadway. I have also been working on the elevated roadway and the associated footpath.

You can see that there has been lots of activity with the Eltham Model Railway Club exhibition layout progressing and filling up more of the available space.

The Costerfield Line

Written by Mark Laidlay. Posted in Member Layouts


For the last 16 years,Mark Laidlay used an old caravan as his railway room. This layout was impressive in the amount of trackage, and operating potential. Three stations, a loop, a small branch to a wharf, and two return loop staging yards all within the one caravan.

The caravan was on his parents' house in Diamond Valley. Mark now has the space in his new house, so the layout will move inside. He will be re-using alot of the old layout.

This page is about that move.


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