Members Visit SRHC

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Several members and families made a visit to the Seymour Rail Heritage Centre on Saturday 30 May 2009.

We were given extensive and informative guided tour over their facilities for approximately two hours by SRHC Member Geoff Burgoyne.

Geoff is also known to a small number of us as a very early (and brief) member of the EMRC, and also as an occasional participant at the Diamond Valley Railway.

The SRHC has an extensive range of facilities at Seymour, and also has custody of a large range of Victorian historical rolling stock – most of it still technically owned by the State.

We were shown over and through many of these historical vehicles. Interesting locomotives were B74, T320, T343, an F class shunter, J class steam frame. Perhaps of more interest to us were the historic passenger cars. Observation Car Yarra, State Cars nbrs 4 and 5, Buffet Car Mitta Mitta, Spirit of Progress Parlor Car (Norman) CS van, some VR/SAR joint stock Sleeping cars, a DRC rail car, and – hidden away at the back of the shed – the heritage listed veteran set of six-wheel carriages. Scattered around the complex were various other items of goods and passenger stock including one of only two remaining tender bodies from the streamlined Spirit of Progress S class locos. The locos were scrapped in 1953/54 – the tenders escaped to be sold for other uses.

Selected photos of the visit are in the Photo Gallery.

The EMRC extends its thanks to the SRHC for an interesting and informative tour. All those that attended enjoyed the visit, those that didn’t missed out on a pleasant day. I am sure we would like to do it again in the future.          

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