New Layout for Leith Park

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Doug Willett was approached by Adrian from Leith Park Retirement Community about what to do with a large collection of model railway equipment that had just recently been left to them.

Adrian thought it would be good idea to make use of the donated model railway equipment and improve the quality of life for the men (and some of the women maybe) who reside at Leith Park Retirement Community.


The maintenance staff at Leith Park built the baseboard using plywood and a light frame. It was strong enough for handling and it is very easy to get out and put away when finished with. Adrian painted the surface with an abstract terrain style. Eventually buildings, and there were many donated by the family, will be glued to plywood bases and these in turn will take their place on the baseboard.

Doug and I decided to keep it very simple for ease of use by the residents. The track is a simple oval with a short passing loop. The power is supplied to one point on the layout with a single controller. Some of the track was especially bought but some of it was very second hand. I was concerned that some of the old fish plates would not be clean and tight enough to make a good electrical connection between the rails.

The track was glued down with PVA but I prefer water based silicone sealant as it’s easy to remove the track if you aren’t happy with it. Anyway the PVA did work well enough to hold the track securely. After a week Doug and I returned to hook and test the power supply. The power got around the circuit without any problems. A number of locomotives were tested and the ones that passed would be kept for use.


It was a great exercise for Doug and I to represent the Eltham Model Railway Club and to help others get into and enjoy the hobby of model railways.

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