Mulgrave Exhibition

Written by Ian Deans. Posted in Latest News

Murranbilla was exhibited again at the Waverley MRC's Exhibition at Mulgrave held over the Queen's Birthday Weekend 2009.

Most members of the Club participated at this show, which was a sort-of test case for the layout after recent and extensive work to improve the method of joining modules together, along with further electrical work.

It can be said that the work proved successful, in that set-up time was reduced by at least an hour, it was far easier to align and level. Some ongoing electrical and track glitches that needed urgent on-site repairs occurred during the show, but trains were kept running during public hours.

Pull-down took a little longer than previously, due to a strict pack-up sequence regime being implemented (and a degree of loading chaos outside the doors, which was outside our control.)

Thanks to all members who took part in the work involved in set-up, pull-down, and running the layout during the show.     


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