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Name: Matt Liverani
Country: United States
Date: Wed. July 5th 2006
Comment: My name is Matt Liverani and I live in Ely, Nevada (United States). One of your members, James Solakidis, pointed me to your site and after having browsed a few of the pages, I have to say that I am most impressed with your layout. There is incredible detail and most certainly some very convincing scenery. I have added your site to my favorites so that I can come back and finish looking the layout over. Thanks!
Name: Bill Fourie
Country: South Africa
Date: Sat Sep 13 06:05:59 2003
Comment: Great Web Site. I,m starting to build a 7,25 Austalian loco. It has been encouraging to see the loco,s !. Keep up the good work !
Name: Damian Goodes (Homepage) Country: Aus Date: Fri Jul 11 09:46:27 2003 Comment: There's an on board video, were on the site is it, (yes it is me again signing the guest book, look i signed underneath this one.
Name: Damian Goodes (Homepage) Country: Eltham In Aus Date: Wed Jul 9 01:43:11 2003 Comment: Cool layout and site, when are your running nights, is there anyway i could joing the club, if so how old do you have to be?
Name: Rob Lee (Homepage) Country: Aus Date: Sat Oct 19 16:05:19 2002 Comment: Just passed by this site the other day, though I'd stp here to say hi. I hope to come up to see you one night (and bring my gurmpy old father with me!)
Name: Owen (Homepage) Country: Australia Date: Sat Sep 28 12:18:02 2002 Comment: Great site. I came to one of your running nights. Great fun i got to operate Pine Ridge. Bye Owen
Name: Joe Ludley (Homepage) Country: Iowa,USA Date: Wed Jul 31 17:49:58 2002 Comment: The on board video is interesting. Last month at the National NMRA conv, I had a clinic on this tipic with an X10 camera. It is available in the clinic book from the convention.
Name: Brad (Homepage) Country: australia Date: Mon Jun 25 03:52:14 2001 Comment: great site