Pine Ridge

Last Running Night at Pine Ridge, 31st Oct 2005

Written by David/Glenn. Posted in Pine Ridge

EMRC's last official running night at Pine Ridge. One milestone we had hoped not to see. Yet here it was. Tonight we were to have many guests - combine this with our members all up there were 22 people in the room.

President Mark Laidlay gave an impromptu speech and we started the clock. Tonight, the layout was full of trains and rolling stock - making the layout look rather busy.

Because of the sheer number of people in the room it was a loud session. And we finished the timetable as well, thanks to the next day being a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup. The next day a lot of scenery that was loose, or easily pried off was taken by Ian & John.

This was the beginning of the end for Pine Ridge.Frown

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