Plan 3 -A Smaller Alternative

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Yes more plans. This is still a minimal plan and is simpler compared to plan 1.

The plan was drawn on paper, photographed by a digital camera then “drawn” on to produce the rough plans you see here. EMRC member may see the scale plans on request from the author.

This is a double deck layout, not a total one like plan one nor a minimal one like plan 2. This plan is somewhere in between.

The big difference is that this plan is a linear design that has reverse loop staging at each end. Again I try to cross a aisle as little as possible to avoid crawl unders and have duck unders.

Both reverse loop staging in the shed, that becomes important.

As before there are no names yet, but every station/interlocking area has a letter.


Shall we have a closer look? Let’s do a trip around the system…

“A” is the lower reverse loop staging yard. You can see there are three stub ended sidings for rail motors and other small reversible items. The bottom staging is the bigger of the two.

“P”) is the first station as you exit staging. A extensive station, you will notice most of it has no upper level above. The station, on a peninsular winds around and up to the station of “C” . A silo with a station attached. Just out of town is the industrial area of “D” with a oil siding and a extensive factory complex.

We then round the wall through an unused doorway into the passing loop “E” you can see we have a section of track that allows the external door to be opened – but sill with a fold out flap to allow easy access. this line then winds around the hall and into a single turn helix and into “F” This is the next biggest station that has the loco shed from Pine Ridge. On leaving this station you go through a turn back blob, not before going over the old Pine Ridge viaduct.

“G” is reached, a small Windana like station. you then wind above “F” to enter the helix at “H”, this being the only helix. at the top the line comes around and onto the entrance wall – a nod under this station called “i” – there is a small branch to the Mine “J”. The mainline climbs on and heads back into the hallway, right over the hall on another nod under, and over the mine.

The mainline then enters the small station of “K”. Then the line heads right into the upper reverse staging yard of “L”.

That completes the trip around the railway. It is simpler than plan 1 but more complex than plan 2. There are some long mainline runs. This would keep our club members busy. The staging yards would be filled by setting up a train at station “B” or “K” then driving it into the staging. I do see a extra peep hole needed to see the staging, and possibly some track detection to keep track.

Still not a walk around design. 

Note that in both plans not all walls, especially external walls, are shown at proper thickness. They have no bearing on the plans. 



 Here is an alternative to the upper staging end of the upper level. Station “K” is now a passing loop, and it does a single spiral above “A” & “D”. The staging is a mirror of the lower staging below. I didn’t like this as it made the construction in the shed complex. Building the staging above & below the same will make it easier.

Not showing all the upper level, the rest is as per the plan above.


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