Powerline GJX Grain Wagon

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This is a model of the Victorian GJX grain wagon that was one of 100 built in an initial batch. Made from aluminum these wagons are still in service today.

Powerline GJX Grain Wagon

The variant I purchased was in the silver colours with the large VR logo. At the moment what was available was VR small logo, VR large logo, and VR large logo with weathering. I am told more colours will come in future batch’s.

Both Powerline and Auscision Models have produced these wagons, with Auscision’s being mailed out en mass at the time of writing. Powerline had a surprise shipment that were delivered to Trainworld, and I were a very lucky recipient. I even press-ganged two friends to buy 3 each. I bought 5. Also today I took delivery by post of two packs of the Auscision Freight Australia with large logo and modern pneumatic opening top loaders, and one undecorated and similar modern pack. So I had a sort of ideal first impression.

I must stress however that this is a weird and unfair comparison. Why? Well the versions I compare are not exact, I hope to see the Auscision’s version. So I’m not comparing to prototype or each other. You will find on this page photos of both, for I intend to concentrate on the Powerline version.

Powerline GJX Grain Wagon

The Powerline version comes in the normal red & black box secured in a foam insert. As purchased the wagons do not come with couplers at all. It does give you the cover-plate and screws to mount a coupler though.

On opening I have found the wagons largely complete, one wagon had the handbrake lever loose, easily glued back together. I found the bogies were not free rolling, like the flat wagons they will need a washer added. This may affect the coupler you wish to fit. As I write this I have not tried to fit couplers. I’ll state that I was told that no.5’s should fit, and under-set coupler may work best – I’ll update this later on when I do a coupler fitting.

That is all for now. I’ll report back in a day or two (other things to do).


Auscision GJX Grain Wagon


Powerline GJX Grain Wagon

Powerline GJX Grain Wagon

Initial impression; at the moment the Auscision Models product had the edge on Powerline. However I think you should add some of these to your fleet so you get a decent variation in wagons. How often do we want to get our wagons similar but how many want some slight variation.

Perhaps at the moment I think the Auscision models are in a different category, they are truly ‘Ready-To-Run’. The Powerline are cheaper and built to a slightly different standard.


GJX Grain Wagons. Auscision model on the left. Powerline model on the right.

GJX Grain Wagons. Auscision model on the left. Powerline model on the right.

Took my new grain wagons to the club last night (Eltham Model Railway Club), and the Powerline grain wagon I took was not rejected outright. This was because I think that the grill-work on the top was a metal etch material and not the plastic stuff, as on the Auscision counterpart. Since we spend a lot of time looking down, this was an interesting observation.

Another member had the older versions so a better comparison was made. Apart from the walkway issue the Auscision model had the edge, but not as bad as compared to my modern versions.

When I find time (probably on the weekend) I’ll be fiddling with the bogies, and fitting couplers.

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