Powerline ELX / VOCX Open wagon

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Read on to learn about the new Powerline ELX/VCCX Open wagons.

This is a model of the Victorian ELX open wagon that was so common in Victoria. I purchased my two examples from Train World friday 12th Decembver 2008. At the moment the following were sighted when purchased :

  • VR ELX
  • SA version of the ELX (very light grey)
  • SA version of the ELX (classic SA grey)
  • AN version of the ELX (green)

Each variant was available Kadee equipped or Powerline hoop equipped. Note too there are three numbers for each variant I’m told – I found two different numbers when I purchased them.

I purchased two Vline AOCX kadee equiped open wagons.

I’ll state very clearly – They are RTR nothing to do.

Actually you only have to weather to taste, and fit or not fit those tarp poles.

The wagon itself compared to the original Lima ELX looks good. It has Kadee couplers, no 5’s I’m sure. They are in a small coupler box with a screw on plate to allow thise to change themn if you wish. The bogies are also screwed on. Wheels are metal. Detail to me looks good. Seperately supplied are two tarp poles you add on.

My only criticsms is the mounting holes for these, might detract if you do not put the tarp poles on. Perhaps they should be on and glued in the lowered position – I’m no expert on these. The other point is the shunter step, I realise it was a decision to do it that way as the model is aimed at the modellers and children’s market – modellers can easily file it off and add shunter stels to suit themselves.

The models does not roll as freely as the Austrains cement wagons or the Trianorama vans, but is still quite good.

I will leave it to other as to correctness in detail etc – to me they are quite good.

The Powerline Open wagon comes in their usual red coloured box. when opening them you will find a plastic surround packaging similar to what Trainorama and Auscision have used for their locos. I think it is an improvement over their previous packaging.

Will I buy more – YES, when finds and time permits. WOuld I suggest thes over others, no – it’s up to you. I would NOT buy thelima version, ever again. I will be buying someAustrains ones when they come out – why, so I get more variation in my rollingstock, as I have enough of the old Lima ones ! Austrains open wagons will be as good as these Powerline Ones, seeing their samples at the Hurstville show this year. I’ll buy both without any favor.

So if you did not like the flat wagons, the grain wagons from Powerline – this time buy a ELX/VOCX and see for yourself.

Photo: http://www.robx1.net/index/fileaac5.htm, Mark Bau.

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