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RQZY Container Wagons Kit

Written by David Head. Posted in Rolling Stock


 This page is about the BGB RQZY 5-pack container wagons that were released in March 2004.

I am just showing you them as purchased. I have no connection with the makers in any way , except as a customer.



The kit. The decals will be included in the main run, I got my kit too early !

A closer look at the decals.
The kit includes: Decals, the main plastic wagon bodies, the bogies, the screw/ permenant couplers, brass etching details, instructions.
A look at the misc packet with detail, screws etc.
A closer look at one end of a wagon and the brass etching.
I found it too hard to photograph the wagons, they are very shiny !!
A macro shot of the etching.

Line 'em up, on my test track.



The Kit does not include Kadees or compatible couplers, paint, glue.

I may update this page as I do this kit, but it is in a long queue of kits to be done, so don't hold your breath ! The other stuff has been there a while, perhaps I should start this one..

It other modellers wish to show their kits, email me and I'll add your photos to this page! 



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