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XPT comparison of HO & OO examples

Written by David Head. Posted in Rolling Stock

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The XPT kit by Hanovale Model Castings. 

Seen here is a close up of the nose. It is a two part casting.
The XPT coach kit by Hanovale Model Castings.
The POWERLINE Link Line mechanical - has potential I think! I was going to use this to power this XPT but have had second thoughts. It will be useful in another project I am working on...

(The photo does not clearly show the see through tubing acting as drive-shafts.)
Comparing the front of both models. While they are basically the same in theory, I think you can spot the differences!
A side comparison. From the photo it is hard to see the casting's roof where it ends , and the Lima roof behind.....
The top comparison shows the size better.
Compare the side panels. The casting ends where the door starts at the cab, so compare just the panels....
A Coach comparison.
The top view I'm afraid does not show enough roof detail, just the size.


When I have built the models , and they are well down the list it will be interesting to compare them again. But no doubt someone more energetic will build and show us in due course.

Meanwhile I am still happy with my Lima XPT. It has provided a modern train that has excited many a spectator at an exhibition.


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