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This section covers articles on scenery, man-made and natural.

As the Shelf Layout progresses lessons and tips picked up will be placed here. Techniques practised with the new exhibition layout will also be shown.


Using Goop

Written by Glenn. Posted in Scenery

goop-exbn-09-smRecently a demonstration module was completed for the Hurstbridge Model Railway exhibition. The module shows various stages of construction using foam cut, glued and shaped. Next a layer of goop (see below) was added followed by painting to represent bare clay.

Goop was also used to start the creek running under the bridge on the shelf layout. Cardboard strips were hot glued in place. Next a layer of goop without the Vermiculite was used.

Goop Recipe

This recipe came from Mark Laidlay and I have used it successfully.

Making kits or master moulds

Written by David Head. Posted in Scenery

Stereolithography builds objects a layer at a time by tracing a laser beam on the surface of a vat of liquid Resin. Thus it would be possible to make master for a kit,or low run kits directly. Very expensive I'd say, millions of Dollars to buy these machine. Probally alot cheaper to use the services of the Aussie companies.....


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