Victorian Grain Silos

Written by David Head. Posted in Scenery

This article describes how the silos in use on Murranbilla were created.


   As you may be aware, our club has built a grain silo of the type similar to the one located in Geelong, which we use on the club layout Murranbilla. It has received good comments, and a lot of inquiries. So here's the plans of the silo, a Geelong type with the ridged roof, and another type, a Williamstown flat roofed type.

The silos shown here were simply made form PVC pipe, easily available at hardware stores. One makes a pattern to hold the tubes apart according to the plan. Use PVC type glue for this to make a strong join. Then fabricate all the roof sections and remember the corrugated iron. All the detail bits enhance the silo. In our case the detail is scratch built out of whatever material was handy.
  Painting can enhance the silo no end. Have a look at the two pictures below. These show the silo unpainted as such. It improves the model no end. In this case the silo was hand painted (no spraying) & detailed by Ian Deans.


Original Plans

Here are some scanned plans for Victorian Grain silos. The drawings have measurements in Feet and Inches and the scale will vary according to your treatment of the drawings,

Warning, These files are HUGE! It's best to right click and then select Save As . Save them to a convenient location to your Hard Drive and then view them.

Geelong Plans


Williamstown Silo Plans


And The Prototype

(click on each for a larger image)




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