Making kits or master moulds

Written by David Head. Posted in Scenery

Stereolithography builds objects a layer at a time by tracing a laser beam on the surface of a vat of liquid Resin. Thus it would be possible to make master for a kit,or low run kits directly. Very expensive I'd say, millions of Dollars to buy these machine. Probally alot cheaper to use the services of the Aussie companies.....

SLA Systems, making the machines for Solid Concepts in WA

Solid Concepts,WA

From solid to a CAD file - a way to turn that lovely master you have made into a CAD file that you then could make into a master, turn it into a MSTS or TRAINZ virtual model. However I'm worried that it could also be used to PIRATE other people's models. That's the trouble with anything new - it can be used for good, and bad.

Microscibe, by Immersion


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