Shelf Layout Progress, DCC and Scenery

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The shelf layout is progressing well. The electrical duplication of the rails underneath the layout is almost done.

Scenery Progress

We have moved on past the foam  and plaster stages. Most of the plaster has now been coloured using Poster Paints. Some of the buildings from the old Pineridge layout have been used on the “East” side of the layout.

DCC Operation

Some minor changes to the layout control box were made to connect an NCE Power Cab to the layout.

To connect your DCC system to the Shelf Layout do the following:

  • All tracks need to be switched to “Cab 2”.
  • Make sure all DC power supplies are turned off.
  • Next connect the DCC system to the last terminal block inside the control panel (yet to be labelled).
  • Place your locomotive on the track and use the DCC as you would normally at home.

A permanent socket for DCC is a possible future addition.

Now DCC locomotives should be able to run, as can be seen below…

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