Track Plans-Draft

Written by Rob Lee. Posted in Shelf Layout

Glenn asked me a while ago to draw a track plan for the shelf layout.  Having almost finished it, my laptop’s hard disk died and in true IT professional style, I had not been backing it up.  Anyway, I have finally (almost) finished redrawing it and it is attached.  There is a slight mistake at the station section which needs to be redrawn, but will not drastically alter the layout of the tracks.

I was instructed that we were to have 3 loops, with as large a radius for the curves as possible, and a minimum of medium radius points.  Unfortunately I had to use at least 2 small radius points or there would have been little point of having the sidings in the window bay.  At this point, the smallest radius is 30”.  The tracks are set at 50mm centres and spread out on the corners.  It also has 2 tracks at 50mm over the “river” section and the third separate for a possible larger bridge such as the one that used to be between Windana and Elbridge on the Pineridge layout.  I have also tried to keep the innermost track as clean as possible for trains to just run round in circles, but there are a couple of crossovers to the middle and outer tracks.

I have added a couple of sidings, but stuff can be added or removed easily and any feedback on the plan would be appreciated.

One other thing... the drawing IS TO SCALE.  I took measurements from the Peco paper templates available from their website for the points and double slip and the flex track was measured accordingly from the Peco flex I have at home.  I figured this was best as it took a lot of guesswork out of placement of points and whether they would actually fit together.

To view the track plan in PDF form click here.


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