Laying Down the Cork

Written by Glenn. Posted in Shelf Layout

Cork Glue Down

Last Wednesday afternoon (28th July 2010) and evening with the help of Doug Willett and Geoff Collis saw the beginning of gluing down the cork. Most pieces have now been cut to size thanks to Doug and Geoff and myself.

The first pieces were glued down with a Liquid Nails equivalent. This worked OK, except that the cork moves around a bit. I would not use it for going around curves as the cork’s tendency to straighten out could move it out of place. The glue was difficult to work with; it did not spread well over the cork surface.

The pack suggests that it can be used like a contact cement; ie apply it, press the pieces back together, pull apart for a few minutes and then back again. But the pulling apart step caused the glue to go string-like, similar to Mozzarella cheese. These strings did not want to go back under the cork too well when it was put back on the base board. So the “contact cement” technique was quickly abandoned.

Being “thick” it was useful for lifting the cork away from the surface, thus helping to reduce the effects of dips in the base-board. Costing only $2.20 per cartridge I thought it would be much cheaper than Selley’s Contact Cement @ $12 per 250ml. But due to the thick consistency one cartridge did not last long.

I found a tin of Selley’s Contact Cement and this worked much better, especially for the curves. Once the tacky pre-glued cork met the tacky pre-glued baseboard they stuck together, well, like glue! Next time we need some cheap brushes as this will be the best way to spread the cement.

Siding Change for South Eastshelf-mod-layout

It has been proposed to change the siding on the South East module to curve towards the East module. This is to allow for a curved background scene in the corner as suggested by Bill. Hiding the corner will improve the look of the area.

There is still space for a coal staging facility in between the outer main line and the siding, if someone is inclined to build one!


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