Bridge Building Begins

Written by Glenn. Posted in Shelf Layout

The inner track is almost right the way around, the only hold up being the bridge. All of the points are now secured in place, including the double slip near the station area.

On Friday (26/11/2010) Geoff, Ian and Glenn continued with the Shelf Layout Construction. EMRC have purchased two concrete bridges for the inner two tracks. The outer track closest to the wall is to use an existing girder bridge that was lying around.


{timg title:="The bridge takes shape" thumb:="" img:="" }

The beginnings of the bridge. The creek bed is formed by a plywood base.The plan is to use plaster etc to create a creek bed and then use plastic water to finish off the creek. As the baseboard side goes quite low we could insert perspex sides so the viewer can see below the "water" surface.

As the bridge is not quite high enough for the baseboard the pylons have been placed on cork pads.

Geoff will paint the bridge off site in suitable concrete colours. The double width cork at the back is for the extra bridge for the inner track.

{timg title:="Ian at work on the railway" thumb:="" img:="" }

Ian fixing up the curve on the north east section.


{timg title:="Geoff checking out the bridge" thumb:="" img:="" }

Geoff checking the bridge for fit into the layout.


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