A new layout currently under construction in the work room. This layout is to test construction methods and to provide a layout build experience for members.

The track has now been laid and the power bus is being connected underneath. The two concrete bridges are complete along with the girder bridge. The control panel is complete and is connected and ready for use.

Help is most welcome! Refer to the job log below to see what is being done next.

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Overall Progress from the MS Project file
Specification Document

Shelf layout curve scenery

Written by Glenn. Posted in Shelf Layout

{timg title:="Doug shaping the foam with a multi tool" thumb:="images/stories/shelflayout/20130725_144329-sml.jpg" img:="images/stories/shelflayout/20130725_144329-lg.jpg"}

The shelf layout is progressing well. The current job is to fill in the gaps around the corners with foam blocks. I have tried using a table bread knife and a sharp hobby knife. Both of these are hard to push through the material. Cutting large pieces off was easiest done with a jig-saw.


Laying Down Ballast

Written by Glenn. Posted in Shelf Layout

With two of the loops now completed ballasting of the track can begin. Some time ago EMRC purchased a ballast spreader and I was keen to see how well it would do the job.

Using a coarse grey ballast I found I had to press down firmly otherwise the spreader would jump up and drop too much ballast. It works fine on normal track but the points will still need to be done completely by hand.


Bridge Building Begins

Written by Glenn. Posted in Shelf Layout

The inner track is almost right the way around, the only hold up being the bridge. All of the points are now secured in place, including the double slip near the station area.

On Friday (26/11/2010) Geoff, Ian and Glenn continued with the Shelf Layout Construction. EMRC have purchased two concrete bridges for the inner two tracks. The outer track closest to the wall is to use an existing girder bridge that was lying around.


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