Shelf Layout’s Short Fixed

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Doug and Glenn started have doing Thursday mornings again working on the Shelf Layout in the EMRC clubrooms.

Doug replenished the paint and brush supplies and then continued on to the scenery. He used a piece of mesh over the vacuum cleaner hose to recover scenery material. 

On the Shelf Layout, after successfully fixing a short circuit. July 2018.

I found and repaired the short circuit that was plaguing the outer track. It was caused by incorrect wiring underneath and it highlights the importance of checking for faults whenever changes are made to the electrical system. 

A test locomotive made it to the industry corner and then stopped dead. After completing the connection of the droppers in the area to the main bus (and checking again for faults ☺) the locomotive completed the journey. 

A satisfying work session. 

If you are interested in coming along to a work session at the EMRC club rooms please contact Glenn. 

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