Shelf Layout-Jobs Progress table

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Approx Duration



Design Phase 3 days  
Baseboard Design 3 days John/Glenn  ✓
Investigate different baseboards 1 hr John  ✓
Determine join methods to be used and where 1 hr Mark  ✓
Allocate construction method to sections 2 hrs Mark/Glenn  ✓
Translate design to actual dimensions 2 hrs Glenn/Bill
Track Planning 2 days  
Decide on track size 1 hr  all
Track Layout 2 hrs  Rob
Decide on location of points 2 hrs  
Plan bridges, rough scenery 1 hr Geoff/Bill
Final Design of baseboards,  track layout plus bridges 0 days  
Construction Phase 23.5 days    
Base 5.5 days  
Install Brackets on wall 2 hrs  Bill
Install wood extenders on brackets 2 hrs  Glenn/PaulG
Construct corner units 1 day    
Construct NE base unit 2 hrs    ✓
Construct SE base unit 2 hrs  
Construct NW base unit 2 hrs    ✓
Construct SW base unit 2 hrs Doug/Glenn/Mark 
Construct straight sections 1 day  
Construct N base unit 2 hrs  
Construct E base unit 2 hrs  
Construct W base unit 2 hrs    

Construct S base unit 2 hrs  
Milestone: Base completed  0 days  
Debrief base construction, document learnings and unfinished work 3 hrs  
Track 17 days    
Determine amount of cork, caneite required 3 hrs  
Calculate length of track required 2 hrs Glenn/Rob
Obtain cork, caneite and other materials required. 2 hrs David
Lay down caneite 3 hrs  
Lay down cork 6 hrs  
Acquire track and points that are required. 2 hrs David
Secure track to cork 6 hrs  
Install points 8 hrs  
Installl point motors 4 hrs    
Test point motors and points 1 hr    
Milestone: Track/points laid, ready for electrics 0 days    
Debrief, track laying, document learning’s and jobs held over 2 hrs    
Electrics 17.5 days    
Determine operation required 2 hrs  
Cut rail gaps 1 hr  
Connect power wires to rails 4 hrs Chris
Connect point motors to control panel 4 hrs    
Design and install control panels 7.5 days Glenn/Geoff C
Rough design control panels 2 hrs Glenn/Geoff C
Finalise design of control panels 4 hrs Glenn/Geoff C
Construct control panels, rough layout 4 hrs Glenn/Geoff C
Connect panel panel to layout/track 2 hrs Glenn/Geoff C/Chris
Test operation of control panel(s) 1 hr    
Milestone: Layout able to run trains 0 days    
Debrief electric installation, document learnings and jobs held over 2 hrs    
Scenery 23.5 days    
Paint the track 4 hrs  
Ballast track 2 hrs  
Install wire mesh  2 hrs  
Plaster over mesh 2 hrs  
Decorate mesh 4 hrs  
Milestone: Scenery completed (except for bridge) 0 days    
Construct bridge (trestle?) 5.5 days  
Decide on design of bridge 1 hr  
Build bridge 4 hrs  
Install bridge 2 hrs  
Lay bridge track 1 hr  
Milestone: Bridge completed. 0 days    
Buildings 21.5 days    
Construct station and buildings 2 hrs Chris
Install station and buildings 2 hrs    
Construct/obtain misc trackside furniture 4 hrs    
Install misc trackside furniture 4 hrs    
Milestone: Buildings and trackside furniture installed. 0 days    
Debrief scenery construction, document learnings and jobs held over 2 hrs    
Milestone: Completed operating layout 0 days    

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