Update 15 January 2008

Categories: Exhibition Layout.

Thoughts on the exhibition layout have not gone away.

We are heading in multiple directions to get progress happening. One angle is we all need to look for a potential new clubroom. – any new layout will be bigger than the space we have now.

while we do that planing and in for research is occurring. Not only do we need to plan the track/layout, but we also need information on the area as well – the building etc that were there. Knowing the building also influences the era we will set the layout. It will help decide what era to go for, what industry and thus rolling-stock is needed, and help shape the layout generally.

We have station diagrams from several eras but they do not tell the story. We need to:

  • Plan a field trip to see the coal sidings and bridge. This has been set for Early March. We need to see the site, and work out things.
  • Search for photos and material. A Visit to the State Archives is in order to see if we can find photos from the region.
  • Look up any local historical societies for this sort of information. PHotos etc may not be railway centric but may feature them in the background for a building/house/family.This may also need to lead to some interviews with some locals.

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