This section is for displaying videos that have been made by members, or for showing videos made by others that may be of interest.

As the website’s server space is limited and slow the preferred method is to host videos from sites such as YouTube.

Ballast train to Hurstbridge, November 2010

A ballast train in the Eltham area. Amazing what happens in the dead of night! Well done to Martin Bennet for getting up so early to bring this to us.

Diamond Valley Railway

A professional video about the Diamond Valley Railway.

Modern Track Laying

An excellent video showing how the Germans lay track.

Maple Mountain Railway

An excellent example of how good model train videos can be. High quality production using a tripod and smooth sweeping camera angles.

Model night running

A good example of how good night running can look, this layout comes complete with night time sound effects too!

N Scale Model Railway example

A good example of an N Gauge railway.

Dean Single on Chris’ Layout

Trying out my new Hornby Dean Single on Chris’ layout.

Silverton Class 48 loco at Murranbilla, Nov-2009

Kyle’s Silverton loco complete with iron ore load operating on Murranbilla, at EMRC’s open day November 2009.

Mt Martha Long Train

Taken by David at the Mt Martha model railway club, it shows Mark’s LMS Garratt hauling over 100 wagons along the winding track.

Walhalla Goldfields Trip

This was taken on a trip to Walhalla. The Walhalla Goldfields Railway railway is well worth a ride. Watching the rugged scenery go by you can’t help admiring how they built and then restored the line.

N Class Goods on Murranbilla

Murranbilla is the work of the Eltham Model Railway Club, featuring a fictitious township based on Australian prototype with a strong leaning toward Victorian Railways.

Poath Junction-Murranbilla

Filmed at Box Hill Exhibition 2004.

D Class crossing bridge on Murranbilla

D Class crossing bridge on Murranbilla, Corio 2003.