What went wrong on Murranbilla

Categories: Exhibition Layout.

NB: Warning this is an intensive critique!

What went wrong…

  • Modules not named very well
  • Leg marking on adjustable legs not consistent enough to level layout
  • Simple nut & bolt to join layout not good enough
  • 6mm top board not thick enough
  • Not enough bracing
  • Cork taken to all joins rather than incompressible wood/material
  • Some modules needed handholds to safely put layout in trailer
  • Electrical joins too rigid
  • A lot of electrical should have been conducted if it didn’t concern a module it passes through
  • The use of the older style Shinohara points, requiring in-situ mods.
  • Control panels and back scenes interfere with each other when setting up
  • Electrical connections p;lugs keep loosing wires.
  • Plaster on layout could be a little thinner over the foam
  • No end profile boards for better scenery matching.
  • Not enough staging

What we should strive for…

  • When joining the modules this should align the modules and level them at the same time.
  • Lightest module possible, yet no compromise on structural strength.
  • Represent the area as accurately as we can – a first for our club selecting a prototype to model
  • DCC & DC operation
  • Keeping some shunting to do
  • Allowing a wide variety of trains to operate on the line
  • Ensure we have PLENTY of staging !
  • Easy to set up modules
  • Easy to put in trailer transport
  • Ensure the layout cannot be placed against another, to prevent viewing of the areas we want them to see




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