Working Bee Report, August 2018

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When I last reported on the work being done during the ‘bee’ sessions, we had removed the incorrect thickness ply deck of Section 2 and had started on adjusting the deck framework for where the silo will go.

The framework has been glued and screwed into position and a new piece of 7mm thick ply (the correct deck thickness), has been put in place.  It is only screwed in at present.  The hole, for the silo structure, has been cut out, though.

A three-dimensional object is far better to get a perspective of what is required than what you can get with two dimensional drawings.  The silo area could now be seen rather than just imagined.  John came up with the idea of having a change of elevation of the layout at this end.  His premise being that the country we were depicting is likely to have some small hills, well, big bumps, in it.

His idea is that there will be a small downhill grade in the BG track, coming out of the ‘return’, past the wheat shed on Section 1, past the silo on Section 2 and leveling out on Section 3 just before going under the SG crossover.  At the same time, the SG track will be coming out of the ‘return’ on a slight uphill grade towards the crossover.  It will also be on a slightly curved path between the ‘return’ and the curve that takes it over the BG track.  This is so that the SG track is not running parallel to the front of the layout.  Its closest point, to the front of the layout, will be just before it starts to turn into the crossover.  It is shallow (very large radius) curve out of the ‘return’ that slowly changes into the (large radius) curve into the crossover.

The BG track will also have a curve in its path as it comes out of the ‘return’, as well as going downhill.  It will be another very large radius curve, in the opposite direction to the SG’s curve, taking it away from the SG track, as it then ‘lines up’ with the rest of the length of the BG track going on past the silo, the crossover, the station and beyond.

John discussed his plan with Mark, and others, and presented it to the committee last week.  The committee agreed to it.

This week’s ‘bee’ will be on designing the BG track’s upward grade (1:100+) from Section 3 to the ‘return’.

Tasks for future ‘bees’ include identifying which Sections can be put together (vertically opposed) for transportation.  With the track grades that are planned for Sections 1 and 2, we must make sure which Sections can be matched for transportation.


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